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Discover Premier Fishing on the Gunflint Trail

Our camp is renowned for its expert guided fishing trips, led by a team of three professional guides with a combined experience of over 80 years in these waters. Their deep knowledge and expertise mean you’re in the best hands to land that “once-in-a-lifetime” catch. Whether you dream of mounting (replica) a trophy fish on your wall or capturing the moment in a photo before the gentle release back into the wild, we strive to make those dreams a reality. We are committed to providing not only a thrilling fishing adventure but also a commitment to conservation and sustainable fishing practices.

Expert Guided Fishing Trips

Our catch-and-release policy for certain species ensures that the beauty and balance of our ecosystems remain undisturbed for generations to come. Whether you’re a seasoned angler looking for the challenge of reeling in a big catch or a beginner eager to learn the ropes from the best in the business, Seagull Creek Fishing Camp offers an unparalleled fishing experience. Our guided day trips are designed to cater to all levels of experience, ensuring everyone leaves with a story to tell and a desire to return.

Our Fishing Guides:

Mike Berg

Mike Berg

Mike has been guiding on Saganaga and Northern Light Lake since 1979. He grew up in Burnsville, Minnesota, spent his summers vacationing in the Boundary Waters, and fell in love with fishing.

Stephen Foster

Stephen Foster

Steve is from Indianapolis, Indiana, and has been guiding for Seagull Creek Fishing Camp for the past 34 years. Steve was originally brought to the area in 1978 to work at a canoe outfitter.

Jessica Berg-Collman

Jessica Berg-Collman

Daughter of owner Mike Berg, has recently discovered her passion a full time guide for Seagull Creek Fishing Camp. Jessica was born and raised on the Gunflint Trail.

Why Choose Seagull Creek Fishing Camp?

Experienced Guides: Leverage our guides' local knowledge and fishing expertise to enhance your catch rate and overall experience.

Stunning Location: Fish in the shadows of the Superior National Forest and the tranquil waters of the BWCAW.

All-Inclusive Trips: From permits to gear, we handle everything. Just show up ready to fish!

Family Legacy: Join a local tradition with a family that has lived and breathed the Gunflint Trail's fishing scene for generations.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How many people can I bring on a guided fishing tour?

2 or 3 people per guide boat is perfect. For bigger groups, you will need more guides. Or talk to us about other options.

Can I keep fish at the end of my fishing trip?

Yes, you can keep fish as long as it is within the limits of the license you have. Your guide will know all the current slot limits. The slot limit varies by lake and by country.

When is the best time to come and catch a Hawg?

Anytime you can get out on the water is a good time! If you look at all the data from previous years on the Hawg board you will see that we catch Hawg’s all year!

What about bad weather?

We go out in the rain, sun, snow and wind. We have plenty of spots to fish that are protected from wind. If lightning is present during a storm, we choose to either go in or go ashore till it passes.

What about a shore lunch?

We do not provide a shore lunch. We are all full time guides and do not have the luxury or time to keep fresh groceries stocked and to prepare for a shore lunch every day. This is why we request to be included with your lunch plans for the day. As a reminder, food items brought may not be kept in glass or cans.

Do you have rental boats?

We have one rental boat. Contact us for pricing and more details.

What about a tag boat?

You can bring your own tag boat for an additional $75 per day. Your tag boat must follow boundary waters restrictions which means it may not be larger than 25hp.